Wildwood Kidz-Sense Consignment Sale
* Seller Guidelines *

Sale Hours:
Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Presale Hours: **Umbrella Strollers preferred due to limited space
Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm - Volunteers
Thursday 4:30 pm - Multiple Shift Volunteers


Wildwood Baptist Church
4801 Wade Green Road
Acworth, GA 30102

We will be in the Faith Center located in the rear of the main church building.  Enter the parking lot and turn right. Parking is in the back parking lot.

**New Sellers: Please see our FAQ page for more information on selling with us.


Priority Registration will be given to people who are signing up to volunteer. If you are unable to volunteer you will be given a seller number once all the volunteer spots are filled.   It takes many people and hours to make this sale happen and we could not do it without all our wonderful volunteers.  There are only 200 seller spots available so sign up to volunteer today to get your preferred time slot.

**Please note that we are unable to provide childcare for volunteers and you will not be able to have your children with you for your volunteer shift.  We offer several shifts at night during the week of the sale and on Saturday so you can find a shift to accommodate your schedule.

Once you receive your seller number via email, you will need to register for a drop-off appointment.  We accept items by appointment only the week of the sale during the following time periods: 

            Tuesday 1:30 pm – 7:30 pm and Wednesday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Sellers receive 90% of their profits.  The fee to sell is $14 per seller.

Please bring the following items to your seller drop-off appointment:

  • A Self-addressed, stamped envelope for your check to be mailed to you
  • A bin or box labeled with your seller number that is large enough to hold your (non-hanging) items. We will return your bin to you on Saturday with any unsold items in it. 

*If you find that you are unable to sell, please email us at wildwoodkidzsense@gmail.com as soon as possible.  Sellers who fail to keep their commitment to sell/volunteer without advanced notice may be unable to sell in future sales.

Accepted Items

We accept new and gently used, season appropriate items for this sale.  You must have a minimum of 50 items, but no more than 200 items. 

Clothing must be in good condition without stains, holes or missing buttons and must not have animal hair or smoke odor. We will not accept clothing that is badly worn, provocative or displaying inappropriate pictures or sayings.  We always retain the right to reject anything we deem inappropriate.

We accept:

  • Boy’s sizes 0 to 20
  • Girl’s sizes through junior sizes (odd numbered sizes). No Women’s sizes (even numbered sizes) will be accepted
  • Only 10 pieces of maternity clothing will be accepted per seller
  • Only 50 pieces of infant clothing (sizes 0 to 12 month) accepted per seller
  • Season appropriate:
    • Fall/Winter Sale - pants, long sleeved shirts, jackets, winter coats, sweater, etc.
      • Short sleeved collegiate or professional sports team apparel will be accepted
      • Short sleeved dresses in a heavy weight material (wool, corduroy, velvet, etc.) will be accepted (think Christmas dresses)
      • Short sleeved fall holiday shirts (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc)
      • Costumes are accepted at the Fall/Winter sale on hangers, but please do not bring any scary costumes
      • Jeans and uniform/dress pants accepted at both sales
    • Spring/Summer Sale - short sleeved shirts, shorts, lightweight dresses, bathing suits, lightweight rain jackets, etc.
      • Long sleeved Easter apparel will be accepted (suits, dress shirts, sweater vests in spring colors, lightweight white sweater, etc.)
      • Jeans and uniform/dress pants accepted at both sales

Hanging Instructions:
All clothing items should be hung as shown in the diagram below with the hanger hook pointing to the left and the tag pinned to the right side.  Complete outfits sell best, so try to group items together as much as possible. 

All clothing must be securely fastened to the top of the hanger as shown in the diagram above.  You must be able to tug gently on the item and it must not fall off or slide to the bottom of the hanger.  Items that slide down to the bottom of the hanger will be overlooked by buyers and not sell well.  Please secure all clothing items to top of hanger for better presentation.

Items not properly hung or that fall off their hanger during the sale may be removed from the sales floor and returned to the seller.

We prefer wire hangers, however we will accept plastic hangers if items are securely fastened to hanger as per new guidelines.  Clip hangers for pants will not be accepted. 

Shoes should be season appropriate and zip tied together with tag securely fastened to the shoe. This will help keep the shoes together throughout the sale. Packing tape can be placed over the tag and safety pin to help insure the tag does not rip off during the sale.  Infant shoes may be placed in a Ziploc bag with the tag securely taped inside the bag. Please do not bring any badly scuffed, worn or dirty shoes.

Toys should be in working order with batteries if needed.  They must have all pieces and be sealed to avoid lost parts.  Loose pieces or accessories should be sealed in Ziploc bags and attached securely to the toy using clear packing tape.  Please print duplicate tags for items that contain more than one piece, such as a table and chairs, to insure that all pieces are kept together during the sale. 

We do not accept stuffed animals unless they are battery operated, animated or educational.

“Grab bags” of toys are accepted if they are themed. For example: a bag of hot wheels, a bag of toy soldiers, a bag of Littlest Pet shop, etc.


***We no longer accept VHS movies

DVD movies and music CDs must be in their original casing. Please check to make sure the correct movie or cd is in the correct case and tape the case closed using clear packing tape.

Leap Pad and Nintendo DS games can be accepted without a case. Please place loose games in a Ziploc bag with the tag inside the bag and tape the bag shut.  Consider grouping several games from the same device into a “grab bag” for better sales.

Only “E” rated video games will be accepted.  Please be considerate to items that may be offensive or frightening to children.  We discourage the sale or monsters, toy weapons, or like items and retain the right to reject any toy we deem inappropriate.

Layette Items:

Please hang all layette items such as comforters, bumper pads, or large blankets with the tag securely fastened.

Infant gowns and onesies sell better when hung on hangers and placed in the clothing section. Consider grouping several infant onesies onto a single hanger for better sales.

Furniture and Baby Equipment:

We will accept baby furniture and equipment that is in good condition and is NOT under any recall.  Please check that your items are not under recall before bringing them to us.  Wemakeitsafer.com is a good resource for recalled items.

We do not accept ANY car seats/booster seat including infant seat bases.  We do not accept cribs that were manufactured before June 28, 2011. This includes convertible cribs that are being used as toddler beds.  Toddler beds and crib mattresses are accepted.

**New this season, we cannot accept infant bathtubs manufactured before October 1, 2017

Bumbo seats can only be accepted if they have the seat belt attachment.

Small accessory items such as belts, socks, hair bows, etc. must be placed in Ziploc bags with the tag on the inside and the bag taped shut.

If you have any question about whether an item is acceptable or not, please email us at wildwoodkidzsense@gmail.com

Item Entry/Tag Printing

Please  use the following link to enter your items:

*Enter Items Here*

Items must be entered by the inventory due date listed on our website.  Tags MUST be printed on WHITE CARD STOCK - Please note this change from previous sales. We are no longer requiring tags to be printed on colored paper and no paper will be mailed to you. We utilize a computerized system to run our sale and so we cannot accept hand written tags.  Ink on tags must be readable for our scanners to work properly.  Please insure that your tags do not print out faintly or are unreadable due to low ink in your printer. This will help the check-out procedure run smoothly for our buyers and will insure that your sales are calculated correctly.

Please sort clothing items by gender in size groups. (Example:  all girl size 2T). It is no longer required to rubber band sizes together.

List sizes by number, not by small, medium or large.  Be sure to mark whether it is a boy, girl, maternity or other item. 

If the item is a slim or husky, or has an adjustable waist, please note that in the description.

Remember to mark any item that you want to be reduced to half price on Saturday.

Items must be priced in whole or half-dollar amounts with nothing less than $0.50.

A good rule of thumb is 1/3 of the new price if the item is in excellent condition and 1/4 if it is in good condition.

End of Sale Pick-up

****Pick-up procedures, please read*****

**No Seller pick-up will be allowed before 4:30 pm on Saturday**

Remember to pick up your unsold items at your assigned time on Saturday.  You can find your assigned time below:

Seller Number Ending In Pick-Up Time
1 and 2 4:30 pm
3 and 4 4:45 pm
5 and 6 5:00 pm
7 and 8 5:15 pm
9 and 0 5:30 pm

You may also choose to donate your unsold items after the sale.  They will be donated to area charities including The Hope Center, Storehouse Ministries and International Sports Federation.

Items not picked by 5:30 pm will be donated.  We are unable to retrieve these items once donated.

**Though we will use care in dealing with your merchandise, Wildwood Kidz-Sense and Wildwood Baptist Church cannot be responsible for tagging errors, accidents, damages or theft.

This sale is a ministry of Wildwood Baptist Church and your checks will be issued through the church office approximately two weeks from the Monday after the sale.  Please allow at least three weeks from the sale to allow time for processing, cutting, mailing, and delivery of your check.  If you have not received your check after three weeks, please email us at wildwoodkidzsense@gmail.com

***If you misplace your check, please note there will be a $25 fee for a replacement check. 

Thank you for your interest in Wildwood Kidz-Sense.  It is our hope and prayer that you find our sale a blessing and that you desire to return from season to season.

The Wildwood Kidz-Sense Consignment Sale Team

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