Wildwood Kidz-Sense Consignment Sale
* Tips for Increasing Sales*

Tips and Tricks to Help Increase Your Sales

1) Read the Seller Guidelines.  While the general rules for consignment sales are similar, the requirements differ slightly between sales.  Make sure you read over the sale’s guidelines each season so you know all the ins and outs of that particular sale.

2) Make a Good First Impression.  Take the time to really make sure things look neat and easy to care for because most mamas hate to iron. Wrinkled, messy clothing draws a critical eye when hanging next to neatly hung clothing. Make sure all zippers, buttons and snaps are fastened and tie all ties to make your clothing stand out.  Wiping down baby equipment and cleaning dirt and scuff marks off toys will also help make your items more presentable.  Keep Clorox wipes close by when you are tagging items to help with cleaning.

3) The Price is Right.  Pricing your items to sell is key, so make sure you are pricing items fairly. The general rule is 25% of the new price if the item is in good condition.  Items that are new with tags can be priced higher.  Stores like Kohl’s, Gymboree, and Old Navy frequently sell clothing at discounted prices.  Most buyers will assume you purchased the clothing at a discount so make sure the price reflects 25% of the discount price and not full price.  For a better idea of how to price items see this article from the Consignment Mommies.

4) Help us Help you.  Like us on Facebook, share our posts, invite your friends.  Social media has really increased traffic at our sales.  The more shoppers we have at the sale, the greater the chance your items will sell. 

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